No. 1 Costliest Espresso Comes from Elephant’s No. two

Enlarge this imageElephants, in contrast to humans or civets, are herbivores. The fermentation happening inside their intestine as they crack down cellulose will help take out the bitterne s during the coffee beans. In this article, an elephant gets profe sional medical treatment with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.Michael Sullivan/NPRhide captiontoggle captionMichael Sullivan/NPRElephants, unlike humans or civets, are herbivores. The fermentation occurring of their gut because they crack down cellulose aids remove the bitterne s in the coffee beans. Right here, an elephant gets clinical remedy from the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.Michael Sullivan/NPRI s#&% you not: The world’s costliest <a href=»» alt=»Joseph Blandisi Jersey» title=»Joseph Blandisi Jersey»>Joseph Blandisi Jersey</a> espre so is now being produced in Thailand’s Golden Triangle, a region better known for another high-priced, if illegal, export: opium. Canadian entrepreneur Blake Dinkin, 44, is betting his life savings that he can turn his idea into, well, gold. Here’s the catch: His Black Ivory Coffee is made by pa sing coffee beans through the not insubstantial stomachs of elephants and then picking the beans out of, well, yeah, that. It’s similar to Kopi Luwak, the civet coffee that was all the rage a few years back; Dinkin has just supersized the idea. He knows Kopi Luwak’s image has been trashed because of concerns over counterfeiting, disease and animal abuse. But he insists there’s nothing fake or frivolous about Black Ivory Espre so.The SaltNow A Test Can Tell If Your Pricey Cup Of Cat Poop Coffee Is FakeThe SaltHere’s The Scoop On Cat Poop Coffee «There’s easier ways to make money,» he says. «I wouldn’t spend 10 years and put my life savings on this if I didn’t think it’s for real, or I thought it was just going to be an overnight gag.» Gag. Right. Let’s just dispense with the jokes right here and now, shall we? «Crappacino,» «Brew No. two,» «Good to the last dropping» Dinkin has heard them all. And while he’s a good sport about it, it’s clear he’s tired of them, too. He’d rather talk about what makes his brew different and better than Kopi Luwak. And it starts with the idea that elephants, unlike humans or civets, are herbivores. «They eat a lot of gra s and a lot of green, leafy matter. A herbivore, to split that down, utilizes fermentation to split down that cellulose,» he says. «Fermentation is great for things like wine or beer or espre so, because it brings out the sugar inside the bean, and it allows impart the fruit within the espre so pulp into the bean.» And that fermentation that aids remove the bitterne s, Dinkins says, is what makes his espre so unique. «I want people to taste the bean, not just the roast,» he says. «The aroma is floral and chocolate; the taste is chocolate malt with a bit of cherry; there’s no bitterne s; and it’s very soft, like tea. So it’s kind of like a cro s between espre so and tea.» Enlarge this imageBlack Ivory Coffee workers sort coffee beans out of elephant dung.Michael Sullivan/NPRhide captiontoggle captionMichael Sullivan/NPRBlack Ivory Coffee workers sort coffee beans out of elephant dung.Michael Sullivan/NPRTo get to that point, the espre so beans are mixed into a mash with fruit, then fed to the elephants either by mouth, or hoovered right up the trunk. The latter pretty much sounds like a whole lot of change being sucked up a vacuum cleaner hose.Then you wait anywhere from one to three days for the elephant to offload its cargo, pick the beans out of the elephant dung (if you can find it), lather, rinse, repeat. It’s not always easy finding «the result,» which is one of the reasons it takes about 33 pounds of coffee beans to make just 1 pound of Black Ivory Coffee. And it’s not just the slower cooker that makes the espre so different, Dinkin says. He sources his Arabica beans from hill tribes from the north of Thailand near the border with Myanmar. The drying proce s is long, and the roasting proce s is precise. And then there are the elephants. Specifically, how do you go about finding willing ve sels? What would you do if some guy cold-called you and said he wanted to use your elephants as slow cookers? Enlarge this imageBlake Dinkin sources his Arabica beans from hill tribes from the north of Thailand. The drying proce s is long, and the roasting proce s is precise.Michael Sullivan/NPRhide captiontoggle captionMichael Sullivan/NPRBlake Dinkin sources his Arabica beans from hill tribes in the north of Thailand. The drying proce s is long, and the roasting proce s is precise.Michael Sullivan/NPRJohn Roberts, the director of the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Basis, remembers this. «As long as we could prove that there was no caffeine or anything else harmful leaking out, then it was worth trying, at least,» he says. Was Roberts worried about the elephants hitting the mash a little too hard <a href=»» alt=»Josh Manson Jersey» title=»Josh Manson Jersey»>Josh Manson Jersey</a> ? Not really. «It’s not nece sarily elephants getting buzzed that I’m too worried about, it’s elephants mi sing their caffeine fix and having headaches and being bad-tempered. … It’s very dangerous. The last thing you want is a cranky elephant,» says Roberts. So what does brew No. 2 taste like? I bought a serving five or six espre so cups for $70, and sat on the terrace of the five-star Anantara Golden Triangle hotel to watch Dinkin prepare the «experience.» First, he ground it lovingly. Then he brewed it, again with love. And then, after it cooled, I was ready. Enlarge this imageA serving of Black Ivory Coffee at the five-star Anantara Golden Triangle hotel in Chiang Rai, Thailand.Michael Sullivan/NPRhide captiontoggle captionMichael Sullivan/NPRA serving of Black Ivory Coffee at the five-star Anantara Golden Triangle hotel in Chiang Rai, Thailand.Michael Sullivan/NPRThe first thing that came to my (admittedly) juvenile mind was a scene from an Austin Powers movie where he says, «It’s a bit nutty.» And, in fact, the elephant poop coffee was a bit nutty, but also very flavorful and not at all bitter just as Dinkin had promised. I then went inside to pimp a few cups to hotel guests. As luck would have it, the first I met was a Finn and the Finns drink more coffee per capita than anyone else while in the world. That made Juha Hiekkamaki the perfect subject as he sipped tentatively. «Yes, that’s very interesting, because usually I use sugar with coffee. But this is quite a gentle taste, and, yeah, I quite like that,» he noted. Then it got better, because his wife <a href=»» alt=»Benoit-Olivier Groulx Jersey» title=»Benoit-Olivier Groulx Jersey»>Benoit-Olivier Groulx Jersey</a> , Claire, is a Brit, and she doesn’t even drink espre so. Her verdict? «It’s sort of fruity,» she said. «Well, OK, it’s raisin-y to me. I normally describe drinking espre so as a bit like drinking puddle water. But it hasn’t got that horrible muddy water flavor afterwards, which is really nice. I really like it.» Don’t expect Black Ivory in a Starbucks near you. Dinkin is selling an experience, limited for now to five-star hotels and resorts in Asia and the Middle East and one tiny store in Comfort, Texas, called The Elephant Story, where the profits go to elephant conservation. «I’m not looking to produce a lot of this,» Dinkin says. «I just want to keep it as a small, niche busine s. I get to work with people I really enjoy being with, I can make a decent living from it, and everyone’s happy. That’s what I want.» He’s still not quite there, but he says he’s close to breaking even.

Additional Instructors Can not Find the money for To Dwell Wherever They Educate

Enlarge this imageLA Johnson/NPRLA Johnson/NPRKelly Henderson loves her position, teaching at Newton South Highschool in a very suburb west of Boston. But she’s pi sed off she are unable to manage to are living within the community exactly where she teaches: It truly is portion in the 10th most expensive housing marketplace in the country. «For people while in the private sector, they’re likely expre sing ‘Oh poor you, you can’t reside during the local community in which you work, what is the big deal?’ » suggests Henderson, 35. «And I suppose element of the character of general public instruction and why it is a diverse sort of work, is it really is all-consuming because it must be.» Just like a good deal academics, she desires to be described as a very important section of your community wherever she operates. She says people today in high-cost communities need to have to recall that a teacher’s job does not conclude at three:00. «You want them to educate a crew, you wish them to show all day, you want them to get a college adviser, you need them to get in a position to offer Vegas Strong Jersey your child exce s aid prior to faculty, following school anytime.» Which leaves academics by using a problem: «We’re continuously forced for making that preference: Do I stay and enjoy my college students within the faculty engage in, or do I’m going dwelling and don’t forget what my spouse seems to be like occasionally?»The problem is playing out in high-priced true estate markets through the U.S., from Boston and Seattle to Rocky Mountain resort communities. (We have also noted over a relatively unique housing difficulty: a shortage of locations for teachers to stay in rural spots, and the way some communities are making housing for them.) The communities in and around the booming tech economic system in northern California’s San Francisco Bay spot are specially challenging hit. At Walter Hays Elementary School in Palo Alto, while in the heart of Silicon Valley, a group of students enjoys end-of-day flag soccer on an expansive lawn. Enlarge this imageThird-grade instructor Tara Hunt receives up around four a.m. to produce her two-hour commute from the coastal village of Capitola to Walter Hays Elementary University in Palo Alto, Calif., in the coronary heart of Silicon Valley.Eric Westervelt/NPRhide captiontoggle captionEric Westervelt/NPRThird-grade instructor Tara Hunt will get up all over four a.m. to produce her two-hour commute in the coastal village of Capitola to Walter Hays Elementary University in Palo Alto, Calif., within the heart of Silicon Valley.Eric Westervelt/NPRInside, third-grade trainer Tara Hunt, a 16-year veteran, is preparing for that following instructing working day. She will get up all-around 4 a.m. to really make it in from your coastal village of Capitola a commute that may consider two hours in targeted traffic. She desperately wishes to transfer closer to work. But, to date, that’s not going on. «This is where by every one of the tech work are. And it’s pushing out your community helpers,» she claims. «The charge of dwelling just retains likely up and up.» Hunt can’t help but marvel: «Who will we blame? Will we blame the householders who will be renting out their house? Do we blame the town?» I check with Hunt what share of her regular revenue she’s investing on housing: «More than 50 percent for lease, absolute confidence. Not such as utilities.» The final rule, I remind her, is the fact you mustn’t spend greater than one-third. «Right,» she says, laughing «Whoever came up with that rule under no circumstances lived in California. They’re from Mi souri or Ohio.» Hunt will make a great wage Malcolm Subban Jersey . Veteran academics in Palo Alto a prime district in the state might make more than $100,000 a 12 months. She really wants to join with all the neighborhood and people she teaches. But when Hunt looked for a place during the town where by she’s taught for additional than a decade? «I was investigating a two-bedroom property in Palo Alto for rent for $7,500 a month 1,200 square ft. I do not even know who that would function for. » In higher expense towns, teachers and their unions are significantly earning cost-of-living adjustments central to deal talks, although conceding that is not sufficient. «It’s crucial for teachers to are living and make roots in the communities in which they educate,» Randi Weingarten, president of your American Federation of Academics, tells NPR Ed. «Yet renting or buying a house in costly cities is economically out of reach for some educators. Salary improves alone will not do the trick.» Cities and communities, meantime, are scrambling to discover alternatives. Scores of metropolitan areas have included affordable-housing quotas to policies on new enhancement. Some are debating making subsidized condos or apartments specifically for teachers. Palo Alto’s City Council is checking out several concepts including subsidized housing for teachers together with other community servants who are not able to afford community rents but make way too substantially to qualify for low-income housing. San Francisco is using various ways, such as forgivable housing financial loans, house loan a sistance and, inevitably, cost-effective housing especially for teachers. In May well the town will restart its Trainer Future Door program, which offers city teachers as much as $20,000 towards the purchase of their initially home. The hope is usually that the moves may help stem a trainer turnover crisis within the town introduced about mainly by the tech-driven housing boom. «We have instructors that are having to pay rents which have been 50 or 70 percent in their get residence spend,» claims union official Matthew Hardy with United Educators of San Francisco. «That’s just not tenable for preserving people during the school district. That is producing instability within our educational institutions.» A lot of of those plans that towns are urgent have still to significantly move the needle. «So much, handful of area initiatives are already equipped for making a significant dent in the challenge,» states Stockton Williams, a housing expert using the nonprofit Urban Land Institute. The most important changes metropolitan areas might make, he claims, are «removing or a suaging regional hurdles to more improvement. This implies every little thing from far more versatile zoning, much more succe sful entitlements and even more outreach to neighborhoods that resist more advancement.» In Silicon Valley, Tara Hunt says she is aware of some parents are sympathetic. But she’s undecided they actually get it. Most are within a distinctive tax bracket and, at times she suggests, it seems like they’re within a various globe. «Steve Jobs’ young ones went by means of this faculty. We’ve got some pretty high-profile mom and dad. It truly is definitely hard to relate with them because they are very wealthy folks,» she says. And, she adds, its tough for those men and women to understand what Silicon Valley teachers are going through: «No one’s being proactive.» Maybe practically nothing will probably be finished, Hunt states, until finally extra veteran academics get started to pack up and leave the communities they serve. «I have a very ton of trainer friends who tell me, ‘One a lot more 12 months, that is it. Then we’re going to Sacramento or nearly Oregon.'» Lydia Emmanouilidou contributed to this report.

SCR: Sube el volumen al 12

@sergio lópez

@sergio lópez

Por fin se desveló el misterio. Tres jóvenes máquinas del rock madrileño se unieron puntualmente para dar a luz un monstruo de rock explosivo con aroma setentero y el pasado 15 de enero llenaron la sala Siroco para disfrutar entre amigos de su híbrida fusión de Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Wolfmother y Jack White.

Con fuego corriendo por sus venas en vez de sangre y una sabiduría atesorada a lo largo de este medio siglo de buena música, Ekain Elorza, conocido hijo adoptivo de la capital como batería de Dinero y de los vascos Cobra, José Alberto Solís, bajista fajado a las órdenes del Gran Wyoming y sobre todo en Última Experiencia, y un desconocido y jovencísimo Eduardo Molina Goigoux, batería de Pepper & The Stringalings y productor de Sir Vladius Studios, se encerraron en un estudio de grabación a las órdenes de Juan de Dios Martín (Amaral, Deluxe) para parir el sonido del diablo. Rock ‘n’ roll de alto voltaje, super bestia y muy macarra.

Y mentras esperamos su próxima publicación, no quisimos perdernos la ocasión de disfrutar de la magia que destilan estos tres figuras, y comprobar por nosotros mismos si eran capaces de sacar algo bueno sobre el escenario de la mencionada reunión. Porque para los que no era una sorpresa este mega-grupo porque ya estábamos al corriente, no era tanto descubrir si las canciones eran buenas, sino cómo le zurraban encima de unas tablas. «Ruidistas deconstructivos que no pierden el tiempo dando rodeos y que por momentos suenan a un Led Zeppelin despegando con la caldera en brutal combustión», así sentenciaba David Gallardo, mi gran amigo de MERCADEO POP, y yo me sumo a su descripción. El show fue adrenalina pura y las pocas dudas que había antes de empezar el concierto pronto quedaron disipadas.

La primera, que aunque el single Hipnosis que nos han revelado tire a Jack White por los cuatro costados (José es fanático de The Raconteurs y Edu flipa con The White Stripes, doy fe), el sonido del grupo pasa ineluctablemente por Wolfmother. La banda australiana comandada por Andrew Stockdale deslumbró en 2006 con su disco debut, y marcó una senda que actualizaba el rock setentero de Led Zeppelin y Black Sabbath al tiempo que encallecía la ineludible referencia a Jack White. Segundo, ¿cómo se las apañaría Edu a la guitarra y voz? Pues de puta madre, qué cojones, el chaval tiene un futuro prometedor haga lo que haga, con poco que se ponga. No es un portento de voz, pero tiene buen gusto y va afinado, para qué más. Y lo que es más importante, se lo cree. Por eso, y al estar en familia, dio un tanto igual que no se le escuchara del todo bien, que a veces la voz se le ahogara entre el sudor o que se le olvidara pegarse al micro, estaba disfrutando del show y falta mucho de eso hoy en día. El rock de hoy necesita menos formalismos y más corazón, estamos en una época en la que ya no vale el postureo. En el fondo, su fórmula es la que vale. Y finalmente, ¿iban a reventar los oídos como prometieron? Pues el tinitus nos lo llevamos alegremente a casa. Tocaron al 12, a todo rabo, y no petó el sonido por ningún lado, así que chapeau al técnico de sala. Si cuando las cosas funcionan, no hace falta inventar la rueda: Sota, Caballo y Rey (y así desvelaron la última incógnita, la del nombre, SCR).

La velada la completaron Kitai, encargados de abrir el recital, y que acabaron siendo el grato sorpresón de la noche. El cantante es un tío clavado a Ian Curtis (Joy Division) y pretende emular a Matthew Bellamy (Muse) sin ningún sonrojo. El bajista por su parte, le pega como el mismísimo Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) y tanto guitarra como batería completan una terna super joven y sobradamente preparada que bebe el indie-rock discotequero de las Islas Británicas o de ramalazos a lo Rage Against The Machine. No es coña, a falta de que pulan un poco su personalidad con el tiempo necesario, estamos ante un grupo revelación en toda regla, y a su paso ganador por el festival-concurso Wolfest lo demostraron. Para terminar la fiesta por todo lo alto, se cerró la noche con una jam session rockera con algunos invitados de lujo que asistieron al show, como Sean (Dinero) o Alvin (Rubén Pozo).

Mientras SCR publican su primer disco (algo me dice que a poco que haya buena química entre público y banda, no será el último), os dejo un set list rockero y añejo para que disfrutéis el día.


Un grande de aniversario. Lollapalooza 2011

Sí amigos, si creisteis que Club de Música iba a centrarse tan solo en el panorama festivalero patrio, estabais muy equivocados. Este verano se celebraba el vigésimo aniversario de Lollapalooza, y ante tal evento no nos íbamos a quedar cruzados de brazos. No sin una gran ilusión ante tal acontecimiento, nos decidimos a cruzar el Atlántico y plantarnos en la ciudad del viento con gran expectación para contemplar el evento que Perry Farrell lleva a cabo con su “Lolla”. Con gran ilusión, nos lanzamos a disfrutar del mismo en Grant Park (Chicago), lugar por el que el que la Organización se ha parecido decantar a asentarlo tras deambular por distintos lugares de EE UU. Damos fe de que fue un gran acierto.
Sigue leyendo

Low Cost (III), fin de fiesta

Como quien no quiere la cosa ponemos el punto y final a esta edición de Low Cost Festival, que celebrada por primera vez en los campos de fútbol-polideportivo Guillermo Amor, parece que ha encontrado un sitio para su solaz y ampliación en años venideros. Esta tercera y última jornada sirvió para disfrutar de una buena tanda de conciertos y en donde el cansancio ya haciendo mella en un público que se lo tomó en general más tranquilo (hasta la petada de Steve Aoki) que la jornada anterior, más disperso aunque en cifras similares. Unos 16-18.000 asistentes. Sigue leyendo

Low Cost (II), todo Vetusta Morla

Sin Vetusta Morla no hay festival. Están en otra liga. Hablarán de Mika, de Cut Copy y Crystal Castles (mejor los segundos y terceros que el primero), y seguramente las extravangancias se las permitirán a los de fuera. Pero el verano de 2011 va a servir para demostrar que los tricantinos están a años luz del resto de los mortales del panorama nacional. Su debut no fue un espejismo. Sigue leyendo

Low Cost (I) calienta motores

Si el año pasado volaron definitivamente los pajaritos y el Festival de la Canción, este año Low Cost Festival (LCF) ha conseguido colarse de lleno en el pelotón de cabeza de los festivales veraniegos. La falta de los grandes nombres, habituales en otros macro eventos, la suple con sobradas creces con un cartel completo y variado, y un buen hacer sobre el terreno. Para rematar, una asistencia de público, ideal, con mucha peña pero sin agobios, césped, precios populares y un clima cojonudo a medida que avanzó la noche. Sigue leyendo

Yo no soy fiber

Yo no soy fiber. Es la primera vez que acudo al multitudinario festival de Benicàssim. Estoy muy lejos de ser un fiber. Tampoco creo poder describir lo que es un fiber. Yo me encontré hordas de jóvenes llegados de todo el mundo, fundamentalmente de Gran Bretaña. Muy jóvenes la mayoría. Digamos que el 80% de los asistentes no eran españoles. Ni italianos, ni portugueses, ni griegos. Primaba el rubio y la piel gamba. Sigue leyendo

El Sonisphere encumbra (por si había dudas) a Iron Maiden

Durante los días 15 y 16 de julio, se celebró en Getafe, el festival Sonisphere. Sin duda que en su cartel estuvieran nombres como Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Slash o Alice Cooper, fue reclamo para que el Getafe open air reuniera  a 30.000 asistentes el viernes y mas de 40.000 el sábado y nosotros no podíamos faltar. Los días previos al festival se vivieron con nerviosismo y decepción por la caída del cartel de Alice Cooper, se rumoreaba que iba a hacer “el primer concierto holográfico del mundo”, pero alegó que el festival no “tenia la infraestructura preparada” y por eso renunció a tocar en Getafe. Sigue leyendo

Dcode Festival, crónica sábado 25

Una ola de calor daba el informativo para ayer sábado en media España, con un incremento de temperaturas para todo aquel al que no le hubiera parecido suficiente la solana del primer día del festival Como era de esperar, siendo sábado y con una banda como The Hives sin pisar durante años nuestro país, sumado a los ritmos rock electrónicos y unos Kasabian de popularidad ascendente hicieron que DCODE contara con algo más de gente, no mucha eso sí, dado que fueron unas 13000 personas las que se congregaron (2000 más que la jornada anterior) y donde vimos menos chavalería y más adultos por eso del cartel. Sigue leyendo